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Zhang Yaqin: Brain-like technology, quantum computing and 5G are the future direction of AI

On April 26, Baidu President Zhang Yaqin said at a roundtable at GMIC that the future of AI will have three aspects, namely brain science, quantum computing and 5G.

The development of AI requires a real understanding of the brain and learning how it thinks, according to Zhang Yaqin. AI nowadays is more about learning through big data, based on algorithms, which is clearly different from the way the human brain thinks, so brain-like computing will be an important direction for AI in the future, to think and learn like the human brain.

For quantum computing, he argues that quantum computing and artificial intelligence are driving each other. Quantum computing will drive machine learning, making existing machine learning faster and more optimized in terms of search, algorithm optimization, etc. Similarly, artificial intelligence helps quantum computers to develop and learn in terms of parsing, data, etc.

In his opinion, 5G does not seem to be directly linked to AI, but in fact, with the development of 5G, AI will also turn the world upside down. 5G provides faster network acceleration, more optimized network architectures for AI, providing ways to converge video and more.

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