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Zhao Jinjie: Looking forward to the EOS like-minded you to move forward together

gravitational node

Zhao Jinran

Node name: Zhao Jinjie

Location:Shanxi Province-Taiyuan City

Gravity Manifesto: Looking for like-minded people to move forward with EOS

1. Briefly introduce yourself.

I am a new driver in the cryptocurrency world, currently working mainly in java programming. I didn't go to college, I started working in the local coal mine right out of high school and worked for three years, I didn't want to keep doing a job like that and told myself I shouldn't just spend the still long years in a position I didn't like.

Last year I took the plunge and quit my job to start learning java. Satisfied with the job so far, just a little short on tickets from the boss oops. If I can, I hope to find you who struggle together, not with empty thoughts but with the courage to move forward.

2. Tell me what I think about EOS.

We all know that Bitcoin is the originator of blockchain, and you can often see comparing Bitcoin to blockchain 1.0, while Ether is blockchain 2.0, then EOS is blockchain 3.0. Why would you say that?

Blockchain is getting a lot of attention because of the price of Bitcoin and its decentralized nature, I don't think it should only be implemented on coins, but More than anything else, it is implemented in life applications to change people's lives by keeping some data confidential and untamperable to keep our data safe and reliable.

Those who joined the scene earlier know about Bitcoin's 7 transactions per second and Ether's 30-40 transactions per second, can you tolerate your phone lagging frequently in today's internet society?

And with the advent of EOS, millions of data processing per second will be achieved. This will result in more applications (DAPPs) being implemented based on the EOS platform.

3. To discuss my views on the gravitational zone.

The gravitational zone is The largest EOS community, then atEOS This will also be a big advantage when campaigning for nodes, We also believe that the Gravity Zone will succeed in making the cutEOS supernode。

Gravity Zone has still done a lot of homework in promoting the community, such as Weibo, public websites, knowledge planet and other promotions.

What can be seen is Gravity Zone leader Yang Yang Liao at Planet Knowledge will be very patient and explain some questions related to EOS and blockchain for some white people. There will also be media to inform people about the gravitational zone and many questions about EOS. It is evident from these aspects that the gravitational zone is doing its job and doing real work.

4. Talk about my strengths in terms of community.

In terms of community, I'm better at publicity, and have made my own accounts for Today, Weibo, and Public, but writing is a big shortcoming for me.

I like it. harmony Different people to deal with, To help others is to help yourself.。 Solving problems for everyone in the community will actually bring more clarity and understanding to your own perceptions and understanding.

A community is a group of people with shared values, moving together in the same direction. Doing real work must be necessary for a community to survive.

5. Why you want to be a core node in the gravitational zone.

First. Recognized byEOS Ecological construction of the harmony Future development value, For something that you approve of, Of course you have to get in early. I'm not going to sigh and lament in the end.

Again, by becoming a core node in the gravitational zone, I could at least contribute to the construction of the gravitational zone that Offer your own modest contribution.

6. If you become a core node, what can you contribute to the Gravity Zone community.

Through their own WeChat, microblogging and other channels to strengthen the promotion of the gravitational zone, but also will establish the EOS fan community, the fan effect is an important part of the Internet society, no longer is the era of the loser against the odds, but the one who has the fans will win the world.

increasing communication between fans and the gravitational zone. Let others not just think we at Gravity Zone are bragging, but doing real work.

This is a global The largest EOS community

Here it is. blockchain Cutting-edge news

Here it is. Blockchain Industry Most experienced practitioners

Here are the most professional technologist harmony Market Analyst

Here it is. Professional Community Operations Team

Now, here's a copy Enjoy all of the above work

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