Zhejiang to build superhighway with full support for autonomous driving

Source: Science and Technology Daily

Author: Jiang Wei

The superhighway to be built will have the four elements of smart, fast, green and safe.

The claim that Zhejiang province is to build the country's first superhighway was officially confirmed recently. The reporter learned that the super highway to be built is the Hangzhou-Ningbo Repeater Expressway - Hangzhou-Shaoyang-Ningbo Expressway, which has been approved in sections, and the highway will have the four elements of intelligence, speed, green and safety.

On this super highway, a big data-driven intelligent cloud control platform will be built. Through intelligent systems, vehicle control, effectively improve the speed of highway operation, so that the average speed of vehicle operation increased by 20-30%.

Not long ago, the vice governor of Zhejiang Province, said that the super highway can eventually open to how much speed, to will be in accordance with the relevant parties to promote research and development, according to the actual situation to determine, there is no clear rules.

What's worth looking forward to is that this superhighway will also fully support autonomous driving in the future, which is also currently leading the way internationally.

Ren Zhong, deputy director of the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Transportation, said that the core concept of intelligence is to build an integrated sensing system for human-vehicle-road coordination and to build an integrated operation monitoring and early warning system for the road network.

The superhighway enables free-flow tolling in the near term, and in the long term enables the construction of a connected vehicle system to fully support autonomous driving.

The future of automobiles is electric, and naturally the Superhighway was designed with this in mind. Ren Zhong described the near-term goal of providing charging services for electric vehicles through solar power generation, photovoltaic power generation on the road, and the supplementation of electricity from plug-in charging posts. The long term goal is to achieve mobile wireless charging, charging while driving.

On top of intelligence, the superhighway will improve system safety with the goal of minimizing accident hazards. The recent realization of safe and fast highway traffic around the clock. The vision of zero fatalities will be achieved in the long term based on integrated access systems such as high precision positioning, vehicle-road collaboration and driverlessness.

Ren Zhong said Zhejiang is taking into account the economic applicability of new technologies and materials while innovating to make the construction of superhighways exemplary and replicable.

According to the plan, the superhighway will be completed by the 2022 Asian Games in Hangzhou.

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