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Zheng Minghao: Every success in programming makes me happy and proud

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Teaching programming to the adolescent level is not about producing computer scientists, nor is it about producing programmers. Elementary and middle school students can participate in all kinds of competitions and even informatics Olympiads through programming, but I think what is needed for most children is universal programming, learning the thinking and logical aspects of programming. As Professor Mitchel Resnick, the father of scratch, says, programming is a new means of allowing children to express themselves.



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The author of the first article is Zheng Minghao of Class 4-1 from Oujiang Primary School's Smart Creative Workshop programming extension elective.

-Jung Myung-ho-

Every success in programming makes me happy and proud!


The Amazing Journey of Programming

Text: Zheng Minghao, Class 4-1

Programming, is a novelty. The scratch I'm learning is not only very fun, but it develops our imagination.

I decided to learn Scratch at the beginning of fourth grade, and I started by working on The Walking Wayfarer. "Walking, that's so easy, even a five year old could do it!" I was furious. "Programming is so easy, I might as well learn football!" I don't think so.

I thought that at first, and I turned out to be wrong. Programming tested my thinking skills, and it took a lot of programs to blend with each other to make the characters in them move. It takes one debugging and one trial at a time to successfully complete a programming session.

After that session, I listened intently to my teacher's knowledge and learned how to make a calculator with Scratch, grab an apple game, and make up random stories ......

Programming, like a discipline, is not a game or a tool if you really put your mind to it. What makes programming fun is its charm and its visibility. Every success makes me happy and proud.

Programming was an amazing journey.

Mr. Dunn.

Professional creator teacher with extensive experience in programming education

Minghao Zheng, a student, had an interesting cognitive shift before and after learning programming. From what he shared, we can see that the programming class made him appreciate the fun of programming, especially the joy he felt after each programming piece was completed.

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