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Zhengzhou Municipal Commission of Industry and Information Technology on the first batch of enterprises in Zhengzhou City on the cloud service providers to solicit work

The enterprises concerned.

In order to implement the Supplementary Opinions of Zhengzhou Municipal People's Government on Several Policies for Building a Strong City for Manufacturing in China (Zheng Zheng Zheng [2018] No. 18) and accelerate the implementation of the city's "100,000 enterprises" on the cloud plan, the first batch of enterprises on the cloud service providers in Zhengzhou are now openly solicited. The relevant requirements are communicated as follows.

I. Scope of the call

(i) Cloud platform service providers

1. Integrated cloud platform service provider: Integrating cloud system infrastructure construction and cloud service operation, providing basic IT architecture such as computing resources, storage resources and network resources, with secure and reliable computing and data processing capabilities, and providing cloud computing products, services and global solutions according to the business needs in different scenarios.

2. Industry cloud platform service provider: A cloud platform that provides a collection of various cloud products, cloud applications, industrial APPs and other application solutions for a specific industry, with relevant service qualifications and able to provide services in an online manner.

(ii) Cloud application service providers

Cloud application service providers, which are ecological partners of cloud platform service providers, including cloud-based application software developers, solution providers, system integrators and other cloud service providers, help all kinds of enterprises to specifically implement cloud application projects.

II. Relevant requirements

(a) The reporting enterprise shall be an independent legal entity registered, operating and paying taxes in accordance with the law in Zhengzhou (branches of national basic telecommunications operators in the city, which are not registered as independent legal entities, shall provide their business license in the city, the relevant business operation license of the group company, and the authorization of the group company to carry out relevant business in the city).

(b) An enterprise registered outside Zhengzhou City shall establish a cooperative or authorized relationship with an enterprise in Zhengzhou City, which shall act as an agent and carry out the relevant business.

(iii) The cloud platform service provider shall have a value-added telecommunications business license, and the cloud application service provider shall provide a software copyright certificate or product registration certificate for the cloud application software.

III. Declaration procedure

Each declared enterprise actively prepares materials in accordance with the requirements and submits the relevant materials (in triplicate) and the summary table to the Bureau of Economic Development of High-tech Zone before May 11, 2018, and sends the electronic version to the designated email.

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