cool hit counter Zhiyuan localized e-government system plays the strongest voice of independent and controllable!_Intefrankly

Zhiyuan localized e-government system plays the strongest voice of independent and controllable!

In the recent "China Economic Lecture", Ni Guangnan, a famous information technology expert and academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, took the theme of "How to break through the core technology of network information", emphasizing that independent innovation is the only way for us to climb to the peak of world science and technology, and there is no second way. Don't expect any shortcuts, it's that you have to get down to business, have a sense of urgency and be determined.

The "National Conference on Network Security and Informatization" in April this year also stressed that core technology is a national weapon, and that it is necessary to accelerate the promotion of core technology breakthroughs in the information field, sharply grasp the historical opportunities of information development, and promote the construction of a strong network country through independent innovation. This is the strongest voice of the country, the strongest voice of the times, and the strongest voice of the market!

Based on the profound understanding of the national network security and information development strategy, Zhiyuan Internet has created an overall construction solution for the e-government intranet application of party and government organs based on the requirements of the construction directions of "alternative projects", "government intranet construction", "safe and reliable pilot projects" and "alternative projects in classified areas".

Zhiyuan Localization Security E-Government System

Zhiyuan's localized e-government system mainly focuses on e-government intranet, safe and reliable pilot units, localization construction projects in classified fields and "8+2" key field replacement projects. It realizes localization from basic hardware and software, operating system, database, application software, etc., and prospectively builds application systems while meeting the core business needs of users such as "running documents, meetings and offices".

Core functions cover.

§ Portal and portal space

§ Correspondence management, meeting management, supervision and monitoring, information reporting, duty management

§ Expand functional business applications such as party regulations and daily office applications such as transaction processing

Zhiyuan localized e-government system has the following major features.

1. Complete adaptation capabilities for safe and secure environments

It is capable of adapting to domestic mainstream basic hardware and software, covering chips, whole machines, operating systems, databases, middleware, browsers, streaming software, identity authentication, electronic signature and other core modules, and has the ability to tune various combinations of domestic environments.

2. Secure hierarchical protection of classified information

Based on domestic safe and reliable technology, it meets the requirements of classified information protection for application system construction, with strict confidentiality of information security, virus and code protection, safe and reliable operation.

3. Standardized electronic document standards for party and government agencies

It is a standardized e-government system that conforms to the requirements of electronic documents of party and government organs and has passed the "Reference Model Confirmation Test for Secure and Reliable Electronic Document System" of the China Electronic Technology Standardization Institute.

4. Autonomous and controllable product development technology

The system is all designed and developed by ourselves, and we have all the source code to ensure the security and continuity of the system.

Products are becoming more and more perfect, technology is independent and controllable

Academician Ni Guangnan pointed out in the lecture hall that, after more than a decade of national support, the three main domestic CPUs that technically meet the security and control requirements are Shenwei, Feiteng and Longxin in the market today. Zhiyuan is committed to independent controllable technology research and development, and has formed a security controllable product based on the national standard OFD file for multiple domestic CPU platforms and the whole file life cycle, and passed the Software Evaluation Center of the State Information Center on July 10, 2018 to complete the evaluation of security controllable products for multiple domestic CPU platforms. This means that the product has the ability to adapt to multi-processor platforms and builds, and can be adapted to a variety of localized system environments.

Not forgetting the original intention, firmly independent and controllable road

So far, Zhiyuan has successfully implemented and built localized e-government systems for 3 units in the field of "safe and reliable pilot", 10 units in the field of "government intranet construction" and 12 units in the field of "domestic environment replacement".

Zhiyuan's home-made e-government system is all designed and developed by ourselves, and we master all the source codes, which can guarantee the reliability and continuity of the system. At the same time, for the national security standard requirements, the system meets the information security level protection and classification protection of classified information, truly safe and reliable.

In the field of independent and controllable localization, Zhiyuan has experienced senior experts and a technical team with nearly ten years of experience in localization construction, and has a deep understanding of national policy requirements and standards and norms to provide professional and efficient services to customers.

The road to independent and controllable information industry in China is a long-term act of the whole industrial chain, not overnight, and requires firm and persistent practice. On the road of technological innovation and independent and controllable, Zhiyuan will not forget its original intention and keep in mind its mission, and provide information service for the majority of government customers with better products and more efficient services.

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