Zhongguancun Artificial Intelligence Technology Park settled in Mentougou

This newspaper.( journalists Li Mengting) yesterday, Beiqing News reporter learned from the fourth meeting of the 16th People's Congress of Mentougou District, Zhongguancun Artificial Intelligence Science and Technology Park will be settled and opened in Mentougou District, Building an intelligent infrastructure industry、 Intelligent core technology industry、“ intelligent+” Three-tier industrial system。

According to the person in charge, The park will be planned, constructed and operated by Zhongguancun Jingxi Construction and Development Co., The park is located at the west start of Chang'an Street in Mentougou New Town, at the foot of the Western Mountains, Yongding Riverside, Adjacent to rail transitS1 Liyuanzhuang Station, Line No. 1, Planned site area54.87 hectares, Land area for industrial construction22.22 hectares, GFA59.62 million square metres。

The three-tier industrial system is the highlight of Zhongguancun AI Technology Park. Intelligent basic industries include the park's proprietary ultra-high-speed big data, cloud computing and the Internet of Things; intelligent core technology industries include voice, vision, biometrics, deep learning and other artificial intelligence core technologies; the "intelligent+" industry is an integrated service industry with artificial intelligence as the core of intelligent applications, which will be the main industry of the park in the future.

It is understood that Zhongguancun Artificial Intelligence Technology Park plans to complete the primary development of land with an investment of about 2 billion yuan by the end of 2018 and complete the construction of industrial carriers within 3-5 years, with an estimated investment of 13.8 billion yuan. Upon completion, the park will realize about 400 companies in residence and an annual output value of about 50 billion yuan.

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