Zunyi academician work center has hired 13 new experts

February 27, Zunyi academician work center in 2018 to promote the work will be held, from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Chinese Academy of Engineering, academicians and experts gathered around the implementation of the national "innovation-driven development" strategy, on the relevant aspects and Zunyi academician work center to discuss docking, said to further support the construction of Zunyi academician work center, to help Zunyi economic and social development.

Wang Maohua, Sun Jiulin, Chen Runsheng, Li Yu, Zhao Chunjiang and other academicians and experts, and Yang Bo, Director of Science and Technology Transformation Department of National Science Innovation Think Tank of Chinese Academy of Sciences, attended the promotion meeting.

The representatives of the team of academics and experts spoke freely on the themes of agricultural supply-side reform, big data platform, artificial intelligence, health care big data, genome, etc., to crack Zunyi's economic and social development problems and accelerate industrial transformation and upgrading.

The meeting pointed out that Zunyi academician work center should be built around the goal of "the city's innovation-driven development of the 'source', major scientific and technological research 'laboratory', science and technology system reform 'testing ground', enterprise R & D creation of the 'incubator', talent innovation and entrepreneurship 'golden cradle'" positioning, complete the metamorphosis from "form" to "entity", from "blood transfusion" to "blood-making" transformation, and truly develop into a bridgehead of Zunyi science and technology innovation, the incubator of the transformation of industry-academia-research, industrial upgrading accelerator.

The meeting proposed to continue in accordance with the requirements of "based on Zunyi, service Guizhou, radiation nationwide", invite and encourage academician experts to lead and send teams to create enterprises, build joint laboratories or carry out project cooperation in Zunyi, promote industrial transformation and form industrial clusters. Further build party-managed talent, high-end talent to the grassroots, high-end talent network construction new model, take the center management station, joint station model, with the city, county (city, district), institutions, enterprises, and jointly set up Zunyi academician center XX unit workstation (studio), under the local organization department coordination, to help the less developed areas in central and western.

Zunyi Academician Work Center signed a cooperation agreement with relevant cooperation units. The meeting issued appointment letters for 13 special experts such as Yin Ling, Wang Yulai and Shen Hong of the new resident team of Zunyi Academician Work Center, and also awarded the academician workstation established by Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University, Yangtze River Delta Environmental Weather Forecasting and Warning Center and Municipal Forestry Bureau in cooperation.

After the meeting, academician experts also went to Huichuan District Big Data Innovation Center, Zunyi academician work center, Huichuan District Saidu Guanba modern agricultural park, Loushanguan and other places to visit.

City leaders Wu Gangping and Lu Chengjun accompanied the visit and attended the meeting respectively.

Edited by Zhang Li Fangxia

Reviewed by Xiong Jun

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