aelf co-founder Chen Note Ling invited to participate in the World Blockchain Without Borders Summit

On May 12, 2018, Chen Note Ling was invited to New York, USA to attend the World Blockchain Without Borders Summit. With more than 100 guests in the blockchain field, this summit is also the first extra-large Sino-US blockchain dialogue and technology exchange summit in the US East.

The forum revolved around the technical trends of blockchain projects, and Chen Note Ling delivered a keynote speech at the forum.

"Blockchain technology is subtly influencing the fabric of human society. This technology relies on the internal self-drive of organizations to achieve rational resource allocation, fundamentally changing the production relationships of traditional industries. This is exactly what makes blockchain technology so impactful and significant for the transformation of the business community. "When it comes to the impact of blockchain technology on the business community, Chen Note Ling offered this observation.

Talking about the business value of blockchain, Chen Note Ling said, "The real value of blockchain is the innovation in business. This is why aELF has put the satisfaction of commerciality at the forefront of its technical architecture. As the industry becomes clearer on the path, we are coming to realize that it is not enough to focus on the technology itself, we must focus on good business collaboration models because we believe that good innovation requires open collaboration platforms that put the best companies in it and connect them into a global network, while also going to help startups to innovate courageously in order to stimulate large companies to start transforming and driving social change. "

The summit covers a wide range of topics, focusing on industry layout development and technology, and improving communication between the US and China on the blockchain technology level. From academic circles to the industry investment level, let the attention and communication of blockchain is not only limited to the focus of virtual currency, which also contributes to better promote more stable and healthy development of the whole industry. aELF will also take this opportunity to reach consensus with industry players to build a multi-dimensional blockchain ecosystem from technical, commercial and capital perspectives.

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