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basechain blockchain project CEO Chen Qi Guizhou trip

On June 23, basechain blockchain project CEO Chen Qi Guizhou line

I. About Basechain.

Basechain is an end-to-end solution in the blockchain space that provides not only a public chain, but also a distributed platform for validation, deployment, and state building, with the ability to iterate more quickly. Instead, its community participants can also gain experience with different blockchain projects and get something back from them. Basechain will be the Oracle of the distributed systems space.

Simply put, Basechain will provide a complete set of infrastructure and tools for blockchain public chain project development, significantly reducing the cost of developing, testing, operating, and landing blockchain projects for customers and participants who want to develop their own.

II. Current status of project endorsement.

1. Baidu's major shareholder, the world's leading large venture capital firm De Fengjie, has completed its equity investment.

2. Received 3 million incubation fund from Shenzhen Blockchain Venture Capital Foundation.

3. Genesis Capital, SKYcoin and Xinhe Capital have participated in the investment and ecological construction.

III. Notes on the contents of the Salon

1. basechain is a chain of chains, not a public chain project, but an open platform and framework. Basechain has several comprehensive and systematic public chain development tools, and has its own public chain and supports common contract development, which greatly reduces the threshold of public chain development.

2. basechain can quickly experiment and simulate, validate business ideas, and review public chain performance and decentralization

3. basechain more forms of proof of contribution to connect developers, public chain project parties, and on-chain applications

4、basechain provides cross-chain value exchange, all public chains developed based on BaseChain can exchange information and value through BaseChain, supporting the flow of different coins on the ecological exchange

5、basechain ecological co-construction, different public chain node sharing, to achieve stronger resistance to 51% of the attacks

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