heavyweight attack:"2018 Cybersecurity buzzwords of the year" Judging is now open!!

heavyweight attack:"2018 Cybersecurity buzzwords of the year" Judging is now open!

Guoxin Security Gansu Longnan Branch Center" is now organized "2018 Cybersecurity Buzzwords" Selection. The selection takes the 2018 cybersecurity policies and regulations, network governance, major security events, new technology applications, technological innovation, and industrial ecology as the scope of the selection, focuses on hotspots that have an important impact on the cybersecurity industry, and selects annual buzzwords that can represent the characteristics and wind direction of the industry, allowing more readers to focus on industry development and grasp industry trends.

The selection is specified as follows.

1. Determine the range of options. The Gansu Longnan Branch of State Security has organized a number of experts and scholars in the field of cybersecurity to hold an expert review meeting before the network vote, to integrate the views of all parties and determine the scope of the alternative.

2. Organize a voting selection. Voting selection is by online voting. The organization is scheduled to launch a public online vote on December 28, 2018, and publish the voting information in the official WeChat public number of Guoxin Security Gansu Longnan Branch Center. Netizens can participate by following the "Longnan Net Security" WeChat public number.

3. The results of the selection were released.The results of the selection will be publicly released on January 1, 2019 by the public issue of Longacre Web Security.

4. Award Description. After the online selection, the organizer will organize a lucky draw and contact the winners for prize distribution according to the contact information left by the netizens. There will be four prizes, including three first prizes for wireless mice, five second prizes for rechargeable batteries and eight third prizes for USB flash drives.

5. Voting Instructions. Please vote for 10 buzzwords in the selection area; voting closes on December 31, 2018; winners will be selected at random after voting.

Thank you all for supporting this event!

(The final interpretation of this activity belongs to the "Longnan Web Security" public number)


Please be sure to identify the QR code below and fill out the information after voting, which will be used by the organizers to draw and award prizes.


* Guoxin Security Gansu Longnan Branch--Safety with you*

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