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iOS 9 source code leaked, why isn't Apple worried at all?

Recently, the source code of Apple ios 9 was leaked, and many people are worried whether hackers will use these source codes to find out the vulnerabilities in them and create iOS system viruses. iOS 9 is actually two years old, Apple has now upgraded to iOS 11 and has less than 7% of iOS devices running now with iOS 9 and previous versions. Older devices upgraded to iOS 11 are going to be laggy and have a lot less battery life compared to iOS 9 & 10 though. But all the bugs that should be patched have been closed, and iOS 11 already stands at 65% of users and iOS 10 at 28%, so this leak is not enough for Apple to fear.

Moreover, Apple's products are developed on the basis of the integration of hardware and software. Taking away the iOS source code alone cannot develop a copycat, because a system covers too wide a range, and it is difficult to produce a copycat that can run iOS if unscrupulous elements want to use the source code. Many iPhone torrents on the market today are deeply customized and modified using Android.

In fact, the Android system has been open source and free, many hackers are able to directly find the source code of various versions of Android online, and there are also a large number of various gods online private custom UI system version, many users will download the brush to use. Even then, there was no widespread outbreak of viral infestation. Therefore, the ios version has been updated and iterated over a decade and there are no major problems to worry about. Apple also offers a reward of up to $200,000 to hackers who find vulnerabilities in Apple's software and hardware, so you can imagine that Apple has a knack for security precautions.

However, we would like to remind those who are still using iOS 9 and previous versions to consider brushing their phones to iOS 10 version first, as iOS 10 is already a very mature version and is still safer to use after all. Smartphone nowadays as people are always in the things, then in daily use should also be careful not to download and install applications of unknown origin, and do not click on the stranger sent over the URL link, to develop good habits of use are generally not messed up.

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