laws of the universe

Talk about AI.

Let's just start with the game.

There is one 'common sense' that needs to be thrown out first, and most people acknowledge that MMO's playfulness Not as good as a single player.

"Bullshit! I think online games are much more fun than single player. 』

"Well, this is the end of this article. 』

Why does this happen? Most people will say that online games don't have the same graphics as a single player, or operate as well as a single player, or have performance limitations or whatever.

Obviously not so much, most of the big online games these days are 2+ digit G capacity, and the standalone (console) is about that size. Plus they run on the same platform, so there's no such thing as a performance bottleneck.

"An online game is 20g, 19g is dealing with network communication, leaving 1g for the game proper, and single console games are rarely under 20g, that's why online games are weaker than single player! 』

"Didn't I tell you this article was over a long time ago, so don't read any further. 』

A good way to tell about gameplay is how long you can play the game out of the 'online state'.

"What! Online games are not about networking ......'


simply put, even, What's really fun about online games isn't the games themselves, rather『 human』。 For someone who plays online games, they are What impresses me most about this game is not what the game's plot operates characters, rather『 labor union』『 faction』『 adversaries』。 Also known as『 socialize』。

Just like in the era of universal LOL, you ask a person why they play League of Legends and he will say, 'because lol is easy and fun'. But there are so many simple and fun games in this world. The ultimate reason is, 'Because a friend I know is playing'. (Don't rule out the case where a close friend isn't playing and gets in first himself and then pulls someone in)

In other words, the purpose of gameplay in online games is to pull people into the rules set by the 'game', and the rest is to keep improving the 'rules' to make players stay.

The essence of the online gaming world is made up of 'people'. It's the human part that's missing as opposed to the single player (console) world that's at the heart of them instead. These completely otherworldly citizens are made up of a single machine's AI.

The difference between human intelligence and artificial intelligence is obvious. That's why MMOs are the true full-blown form of gaming, but in reality the existing human laws don't enable true MMOs, the existing online games can only simply provide some basic rules and measure their worth in terms of a bunch of daily and monthly activity numbers.

When the magnitude reaches a certain number, the law stops focusing on the individual.

Just like when you're analyzing a million pv visit, you don't give a damn what someone or someones in there is thinking. they are What specific claims are made about this game or product. You only care about what percentage of the millions of people who are willing to give this game or product a good review and what percentage of those who give it a bad review. they are Why it behaves that way.

And when you're geared towards objects with only single-digit players, you'll be for the patient band other Visit this different world and tell other What kind of people and stories are in this unique game world.

Of course, there are many great works in the online game, after all, using human intelligence substitute for artificial intelligence (AI) , although not perfect, the gaps are there.

It's just that most game laws can't be bothered to control these human intelligences, and what's the difference between you forming a union in this game and forming a gang in another game?

The only difference is which game someone you care about is in, like, once upon a time 10 years ago, someone you looked up to took you into a certain game union pit. 10 years later, 2 games similar to each other, surely your priority is to pick the one that used to exist for someone 10 years ago isn't it?

It doesn't really matter that much if online games are actually fun or not, does it?

It's only those who have really understood AI that realize that humans really are amazing creatures.

It takes 3 years to give an embryo consciousness and 10 years to have its own cognition.

Such things remain unsolved mysteries to this day.

There was an attempt to adopt an orangutan in the manner of human society, but in the end it could not be accepted by human society.

So is it possible to create an intelligent object that is accepted by human society in an electronic way? Who knows.

Now that AI is suddenly all the rage, go out on the street and ask a random person what AI is.

"Huh? Isn't AI just image recognition? Or big data search? 』


AI is really more like a rule interpreter.

When you inform it of the basic rules of Go, it will give you, based on the possible moves that can occur under this set of rules.

When you inform it of the base rules of the game, it will give you, based on the possible ways to play under this set of rules.

When you inform it of the foundational rules of human society, sorry, you don't fully grasp the foundational rules of human society.

When you inform it of the basic rules of the universe, sorry, humans have no idea what the universe is right now.

That's why AI is now stuck in the stage of imitating humans, because humans have discovered only a handful of rules so far.

And the biggest drawback of existing AI is that it can only interpret rules, not discover or even create them.

Because mankind has not yet figured out what kind of a law is the rule for discovering rules.

It's like 'prophecy'.

After clarifying this basic rule of '7 days a week', human beings can project 'tomorrow Monday' from 'today Sunday'.

But it is difficult for mankind to explain why the rule '7 days a week' came into existence, and on what law did mankind discover or create this rule?

As if it were the truth, man felt that a clear rule of time was needed, and the rule of '7 days a week' came into being.

When AI can actually do the job of discovering and creating rules, that's when sci-fi movie plots can become reality, I guess.

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