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newifi's new roadmap "gold mine": blockchain technology is the cure for routing innovation

"newifi new road by", the smart router brand that had set out to create a new life for the smart family, recently took the industry by storm in just two months, and now the brand is increasing its investment in blockchain technology for exploring the technical integration and application scenarios of blockchain innovation and smart routers.

In order to create an environment with higher utilization of bandwidth resources, not just idle and wasted computing resources as it is today, newifi New Routing centralizes the contradictory solution of enterprise computing deployment and maintenance costs by collecting the bandwidth, storage and computing resources shared by all routing users, giving users more autonomy to decide the users and beneficiaries of using the idle resources in their hands.

It is because newifi new routers see the huge application prospect of blockchain technology, and thus recognize the extremely magnificent development prospect after integrating blockchain technology into routing hardware. newifi new routers will run the router category into the "gold mining" era of shared computing with full force, and realize more mature applications of computing resources in the global scope.

At this stage, the significant advantages of blockchain industry applications with obvious benefits lie in optimizing business processes, reducing operational costs and improving synergy efficiency. At the same time, blockchain technology solves the problem of reliable transmission of trust and value at a very low cost, with anti-counterfeiting and anti-tampering characteristics, and builds a reliable system that is more shared and open, more transparent and trustworthy and verifiable and traceable, and is able to create a wealth of products and services around the blockchain system, and people can collaborate on a large scale without mutual trust and without geographical restrictions.

According to the recently released Tencent Blockchain Solutions White Paper, the blockchain economy is extremely promising, with one optimistic prediction suggesting that 10% of total global GDP will be stored using blockchain technology by 2025.

And the current blockchain technology is still in the early stages of development, some industry insiders analyze that 2018 will be a big year for blockchain development, blockchain will really start to enter the application stage in this year, and applications based on blockchain in various industries start to emerge like spring rain, just as newifi new road by began to operate the world's first blockchain road by project to improve the efficiency of computing resources in various industries, 2018 may also be the last year of blockchain development early dividend period.

In fact, blockchain technology is still a good medicine for the routing industry. The newifi "Gold Mine" encourages every user to contribute storage space, bandwidth and computing power, and the newifi team collects the shared power and then distributes the "digital gold" generated on that day to devices across the network based on workload weights.

"Digital gold" is a virtual digital proof based on blockchain technology, which must be obtained through newifi smart hardware shared storage, network bandwidth and other resources. "Digital Gold" represents the right to use the shared CDN eco-services, and the acceleration services launched can cover all scenarios of Internet applications.

Therefore, the beauty of applying blockchain technology to smart routers lies in the fact that blockchain technology has a powerful ability to "reduce costs" by improving the efficiency of the network, trying to eliminate the resource gap between Internet companies and users, realizing the environmental and energy-saving value of bandwidth resources in multiple scenarios, and allowing us to freely control the value of virtual resources around us.

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