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newifi's new roadmap sells out in North America, with praise from authoritative overseas media

At 11:00 a.m. local time on January 30, the newifi New Router was first sold on the North American online platform, attracting a large number of blockchain digital asset enthusiasts and smart route users to participate enthusiastically, and the first batch of "New Router 3" was easily sold out as soon as it hit the shelves.

The newifi "Gold Mine" blockchain technology has caused a huge stir overseas. Market Watch, a leading news outlet owned by Dow Jones, even praised the New Roadmap 3 blockchain smart routing device, calling it "a major innovation as newifi's blockchain project breaks the concept of traditional CDNs and cloud servers". This is exactly what shows that while the newifi New Roadmap is hot in the domestic market, it is also doing just as well in overseas markets.

In recent years, domestic smart hardware have gone abroad, and newifi new road by the newifi gold mining preparation at the beginning of the international vision, to establish the globalization route. Through blockchain innovation technology and intelligent routing boutique grinding and building, newifi new road by bearing the characteristics of local technology and technology, a breakthrough in the status quo of Chinese brands difficult to be recognized by Europe and the United States, successfully entered the markets of developed countries in Europe and the United States, is a rare international success of domestic routing brands. With the derivation of the new technology era, newifi new road by years of accumulated product strength and brand potential will be released, it is not difficult to imagine that newifi new road by can be recognized at home and abroad.

The New Route 3 is currently the best flagship smart router to get, both in terms of hardware configuration and added value. On the one hand, the New Route 3 itself is still a cost-effective router with a strong signal, fast heat dissipation, and good network speed, in addition to a thousand-dollar hardware and software configuration, as well as a device that combines home video and entertainment with a secure private cloud drive, making it very playable.

On the other hand, the newifi "gold mining" function combined with blockchain technology aims to combine the current cutting-edge, decentralized blockchain technology, pulling every ordinary person to become a shareholder of network sharing capabilities, exploring the upward development of traditional routing hardware, and promoting the application and popularity of idle bandwidth with environmental sustainability benefits, the value behind which is immeasurable.

At the same time, as a dark horse to subvert the blockchain industry and smart home market, newifi new road by "gold mining" not only solves the social contradiction between the social computing resources tension and high computing costs, and finally makes the mining product land to network acceleration services, this service can cover all scenarios of Internet applications, so this is a sustainable development and a comprehensive concept.

It goes without saying that going overseas not only reflects the changing landscape of global blockchain projects, but also shows more of a distinct stance of local Chinese brands wanting to expand into overseas markets.

With the extensive influence of the blockchain project, the brand has successfully increased its exposure in North America, and dared to compete with the global cutting-edge blockchain project, which not only shows newifi's high confidence in the quality of its own routing products, but also shows newifi's confidence in expanding overseas markets and strengthening its global integration strategy.

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