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ofo denies preparing ICO: Continued interest in new technologies, including blockchain

On Saturday, February 24, Li Xiaolai revealed in the 3 o'clock community that ofo appears to be preparing an ICO.

Later, Chen Weixing, founder of Fast Taxi, said that ofo CEO Dai Wei had communicated with him several times about how ofo could start blockchaining, but Dai Wei did not say ICO, but only used blockchain and token to design new production relations. "Ofo's biggest opportunity is how to blockchain, not what Zhu Xiaohu thought was losing money and misrepresenting the orders, we want the opportunity to solve the world's major problems and go splash our passionate youth."

The following is a statement from ofo.

In response to recent public opinion focusing on claims related to ofo's preparations for an ICO, this statement is hereby made.

1. ofo little yellow car has not prepared any ICO.

2. ofo Small Yellow Car, as an innovative Internet technology company, has continued to pay attention to innovative technologies including blockchain. In the future, ofo small yellow car will provide better travel services for users through big data, Internet of Things and other more technological innovations.

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