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oracle Series - Part 3 Oracle Installation

Before I install it, let me tell you about my computer's configuration.

OS : Windows 7 32bit

CPU : 3GHz

Memory : 2GB

Desk : 320GB


Next I'll take the installation of oracle 10g as an example and talk about the oracle installation steps

We can follow the Oracle universal Installer (Oracle universal installer) guide to complete the installation and configuration of the Oracle database.

I had it installed on my computer before., This is the second installation :)

Click Next

The default is selected, click Next

The default is selected, click Next

Here the name I set to: Home1 and the path is: F:OraHome_1 This can be set according to you. Click Next

Click Next

Select Default and click Next

Click Next

Click Next

Click Next

Here the database file location, I chose: F:oradata, you can choose your own. Click Next

I have set all the passwords (passphrases) for all the accounts to one for ease of management, you can also set them one by one (recommended), mainly for security reasons.

Click Next

Click install and it will start installing oracle

The installation time, depending on your computer's environment, is a little faster and a little slower for some. I installed it in almost 10 minutes or so.

We can access it via browser: http://localhost:5500/em (database control URL)

Waiting for .....

At this point, our oracle database is the installation is complete and you can click the exit button to exit the oracle installation wizard.

We can find services about Oracle in Services at.

Among the required services.



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